Lean Longhorn Beef



At DK Longhorn Ranch, all of our animals are natural.
No growth hormones, and grass fed.

Longhorn Beef is Heart Healthy - Low in Cholesterol and High in Protein.
Why buy from a supermarket, not knowing where your beef has come from -
South America, Brazil or USA, when you can buy local
and feel secure that what your family & you are consuming is
100% Natural & Drug Free.

Our steers are processed at about 24-30 months old. They are raised on pasture grass, cut alfalfa, and finished the last 90 days on non-gmo corn with loose mineral. Our best grain fed steers are processed at 1000-1200 lbs. & hanging weight of 600-700 lbs.

We sell them in quarters or halves for $4.10 per lb hanging weight plus process fee.
We also have longhorn available in single package purchase
1# pkgs. 97%+ hamburger - $5.00 lb
1.5# pkgs. Stew Meat
3-4# Chuck Roast

Currantly we have 2017 beef available now and our
next beef processing will be late May 2017. 

Contact us if interested to reserve your order. Beef goes fast!

We also process Longhorn hides and skulls.
Longhorn hides make great blankets or rugs.
Contact for price and availability.
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