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Raising Longhorns in Iowa

With a desire to have exotic animals in our front pasture, In 2008, we decided on a couple Texas Longhorns. Since then we have gone from just a couple to a whole herd of about 35-40 animals, consisting of breeding cows, heifers, calves and two bulls anda few prospect bulls
along with meat steers for beef.
We have made mistakes along the way, and learned a tremendous amout of information from other great breeders.
We are really in love with our herd. We love watching there animations with each other in the pasture.
We love the decision making and striving for
just the right body confirmation, colors and are always working on a
traditional rolling horn, corkscrew roll & traditional look.
We truly enjoy the beauty of the Texas Longhorn.

Here on our ranch every animal has a job to do,
From raising there young, breeding bulls or meat steers or show animals.

We raise all our animals on pasture grasses, clover, baled alfalfa
and in the winter, ground corn stalk bales with a small daily intake of home raised NON-GMO corn and vitamins & minerals. 
Our meat steers are raised the same way, with the last 90-120 days
on full feed of NON-GMO corn and minerals
to finish them out for processing a delicious heart healthy lean meat.
We do sell whole, halves & quarters of beef.
We do process, at this time 2-3 a year.
The demand is getting greater with the need and want of
knowing where & how you beef has been raised.
We Never Use Growth Hormones!

We have animals for sale, hides & skulls for sale,
some animals that are Grand Champions in the show ring,
and some animals that just grace our front pasture with beauty.

Feel free to contact us, anytime for sales or just to talk longhorns!


 2012 Horn Showcase
Fort Worth, TX

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